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Find Beautiful, Resilient Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Carroll, IA

Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring in Carroll, IA

There’s nothing like the transformative power of inserting new flooring in your home. Homeowners know the wonders that investing in a new flooring solution can work on their interior spaces. Choosing a new flooring surface can substantially alter the overall look and feel of your space for the better. If you’re looking for new flooring, choose a material that will continue to look beautiful and perform well year after year.

Coveted by homeowners with interior design visions small and large, vinyl plank flooring is widely regarded as one of the most versatile flooring choices available today. When you visit Prenger’s Flooring America, you’ll find an impressive selection of luxury vinyl plank flooring in Carroll, IA that’s sure to serve you well in nearly any setting.

Peruse Our High-Quality Flooring Selections

In our expansive flooring showroom, we proudly carry an impressive arrangement of vinyl flooring selections that offer remarkable appeal and exceptional longevity. Notably, our wood-look vinyl plank flooring choices recreate the look of real wood flooring with stunning realism. Whatever your design vision, you’ll surely find an excellent luxury vinyl wood flooring selection that speaks to you.

Enjoy an Authentic, Rustic Look for Less

Due to its unique manufacturing, our vinyl plank flooring can be fabricated to mimic the appearance of highly desirable wood flooring. Best of all, the resilient nature of our wood-look vinyl plank flooring means that even areas of the home that aren’t well-suited hardwood flooring can adopt a classic look. You’ll find that our vinyl planks perform exceptionally well, especially in areas that endure a great deal of foot traffic. When you choose this unique flooring material, you can even augment moisture-prone spaces such as bathrooms and kitchens with the remarkable appeal of cherry, mahogany,  and other wood species.

Helping You Find the Right Choice for Your Project

Are you unsure which of our vinyl plank flooring selections would best suit your needs? Simply share your design aspirations with one of our knowledgeable flooring specialists, and we’ll gladly help you find floors that are sure to satisfy your tastes and functional needs.

Efficiency and quality are the backbones of our flooring installations. When you put your luxury vinyl plank flooring installation needs in the hands of our dedicated crew members, you can rest assured that every inch of your new flooring solution will be placed perfectly. We’ll arrive promptly and leave you with an all-new floor that you can continue to be proud of year after year. Request our crew members to expertly install your new flooring choice and give your interior space a truly unique look and feel.


Contact us today to floor your home with the functional beauty of luxury vinyl plank. We proudly serve customers from Denison, Jefferson, Harlan, Lake View, Sac City, and Carroll, Iowa.

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