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No one wants to keep their pets crated all the time when they're inside the house because they fear damage to their floors. Share space peacefully and happily with your animal companions thanks to pet-friendly flooring sold and installed by our flooring company.

Thanks to our stain-resistant carpet, hiding irremovable stains are a thing of the past. Stop rearranging furniture and replacing costly carpet once we install the last carpet you'll ever need! We also provide several other options if you prefer the look of laminate or hardwood flooring in your home—without the claw marks and scratches, of course!


Why You Need Stain-Resistant Carpet for Your Pets

Stop replacing carpet after carpet when your pet has an accident and you can't remove the stain. We understand how hard it is to get pet accident stains out of carpet, so we offer high-quality options from top manufactures. Add value and beauty to your home without sacrificing functionality and practicality thanks to our carpet!

Most popular brands of stain-resistant carpeting are made from nylon to enhance their durability and save you material costs. Invite our skilled and talented crew of carpet installation technicians into your home and we'll install the proper flooring you need right away! We combine style with ease of care in one carpeting package, because our high-performance carpet comes treated with special chemicals to repel both dirt and liquids. Cleaning your dog or cat's accidents just got much easier!


Carroll, IA Sealed Flooring Alternatives with Hardwood Aesthetics

Untreated laminate and hardwood floors are probably not the best choices for a home with animals. Even something as innocent as a spilled glass of water can leave marks on unsealed wood, so let us install the sealed flooring you need in your home. We know you want to add value and lovely floors to your biggest investment, but we also know that, as a pet-lover, you don't want to spend all your time yelling at your pets to stay off the floors.

Enjoy your home décor and time with your four-legged friends at the same time thanks to our pet-friendly flooring solutions. At our flooring company, we sell and install sealed flooring that is perfect for all kinds of indoor and outdoor pets. Let our experts show you the best choices to suit your lifestyle, household needs, and budget. We can help you avoid costly mistakes before you choose the wrong material for your pets or budget!


Contact our flooring company when you need sealed flooring or stain-resistant carpet. We offer pet-friendly flooring to customers in the communities of Carroll, Denison, Jefferson, Harlan, Lake View, Sac City, Lake City, Wall Lake, Atlantic, and Ida Grove, Iowa.

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