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Tigressa Carpet in Carroll, IA

Add unprecedented warmth and style to your home with the perfect carpet. For decades, carpeting has remained one of the most popular flooring solutions amongst local homeowners. The clients of our store are interested in finding floors that embody the perfect balance between beauty and function. While carpet has a reputation for not being pet or family friendly, the latest carpet products are now more durable than ever before.

Our impressive selection of Tigressa carpet features options that are sure to look great and hold up well for years to come. With durable fibers, various hues, and beautiful fashions to choose from when you shop with us, you can find the perfect carpet for every room in the home.

Benefits of Tigressa Carpet

Tigressa is a flooring brand committed to delivering products that satisfy in appearance and performance. Utilizing the latest manufacturing techniques, they produce long-lasting carpets with special repellent technology.

In addition to being resilient against the most common forms of damage that occurs in the home, Tigressa carpet is also available in classic styles and trendy fashions. No matter what look you have in mind, Tigressa offers the ideal solution. The following are only some of the reasons why Tigressa is one of the most sought out names amongst our carpet inventory:

  • Softer & Stronger than Normal Carpet Fibers
  • Latest Lines Boasts Improved Stain Resistance
  • Available in Different Colors, Materials, & Patterns
  • Easy to Clean with Regularly Scheduled Vacuuming
  • Enhances the Home’s Interior Design Scheme
  • Improves Property Value & Appeal Exponentially

Countless Tigressa Carpeting Styles to Choose From

There’s no better time to invest in much-needed home improvements. If you are finally ready to replace old and outdated flooring throughout the home, look to us for new and improved carpet. We are proud to carry a number of Tigressa’s best carpeting lines. The knowledgeable associates at our store are happy to help you navigate the large inventory of Tigressa products, ensuring the selection process is easy and enjoyable for you. You can expect to find the following lines at our location:

  • Tigressa
  • Tigressa Cherish
  • Tigressa SoftStyle
  • Tigressa H20

Make an Earth-Friendly Choice with Tigressa Carpet

Our community is quickly becoming more environmentally-conscious than ever before. Because of this, Tigressa has made a commitment to using eco-friendly techniques in every carpet designs. In fact, their efforts have earned the Green Select™ label. This means that the Tigressa carpet you choose is recyclable, contains a certain amount of recycled materials, and/or is made from a natural, sustainable, and renewable resource.

By using recyclable Nylon 6 in their products, the carpet can continue to be recycled even after it is removed from the home. Tigressa has consistently met the most rigorous standards in human health and environmental safety, setting them apart from the competition.

Let Us Install Your Tigressa Carpeting

Once you purchase a Tigress carpet, we continue to provide you with exceptional service. Our flooring team maintains the belief that quality installation is just as important as a quality carpet. This is why we offer installation services for Tigressa carpeting. The in-house installation technicians we employ are capable of completing even the largest installation projects in a timely manner. Before you make a decision, allow them to perform free room measurements and give you an upfront estimate. 


Now is the time to get the carpet you’ve always dreamed of. Stop by our store location or call <PHONE> to learn more about the Tigressa carpet styles currently in-stock. We proudly serve clients throughout Carroll, Denison, Jefferson, Harlan, and Lake View, Iowa, as well as the surrounding areas.

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