Wood Look Tile

Wood Look Tile

Design Your Way with Wood Look Tile in Carroll, IA

Wood Look Tile in Carroll, IAYou shouldn’t have to live with unnecessary limits when you’re creating your ideal space. That’s why Prenger's Flooring America continuously strives to bring newer, better products to our showroom. We want to enhance your shopping experience and expand your flooring options with the best products and customer service in the business.

One of our most promising offerings is our wood look tile in Carroll, IA. Available in both porcelain and ceramic, this option for naturalistic appeal utilizes grouted wood grain surfaces to craft an authentic charm that’s sure to impress your guests and serve as a solid foundation for future décor.

Galvanizing You to Reach Your Project’s Goals

We want to refresh more than your flooring. When you visit our showroom, our mission is to inspire you with a combination of stunning floors and exceptional assistance. We’ll help you understand, refine, and meet the needs of your renovation or remodel so that you leave our store feeling confident about your home’s new direction.

For example, one of your primary concerns is likely to be choosing between ceramic and porcelain wood tile. Our team has training and experience that gives us unique insight into the advantages of each tile option. We offer guidance when it comes to evaluating each in terms of crucial factors like:

  • Strength
  • Ease of Use
  • Appearance
  • Survivability
  • Water Resistance
  • Versatility

Once you have the right knowledge to select, install, and care for your chosen surface, you’ll be able to move forward with complete peace of mind. That way, the only limit on your flooring potential is your imagination.

Why Wood Tile?

The central question for most homeowners when it comes to this material is why they ought to opt for wood plank ceramic tile or its porcelain variant when they could just as easily shop genuine hardwood in the same showroom. The simple answer is this: there is a time and place for every flooring material.

What do we mean by that? Take, for instance, a busy family with no time to perform regular maintenance tasks. Natural wood might require expensive secondary services or a sacrifice of other activities, where tile is easy to care for. Similarly, wood can’t stand up to high-moisture areas like bathrooms, basements, or kitchens, but tile can.

You can enjoy the distinctive appeal of porcelain or ceramic wood tile when you shop with us. You can also decide to go with the real thing. Either way, the most effective way to compare and make an informed decision is to get guidance from the people who know surfaces best — the staff at Prenger's Flooring America.


Contact us for access to our extensive flooring expertise, or stop by to get help in person. We proudly serve Carroll, IA, and the surrounding areas.


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